Ireland’s Station B&B launches the latest in guest experience technology from Monscierge

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Ireland’s Station B&B launches the latest in guest experience technology from Monscierge

Derry, Northern Ireland, May 17th, 2019— This week Ireland’s award-winning bed & breakfast, Station B&B, became the first property in the global, short-term rental economy space to premiere Apple TV for hospitality by Monscierge. The in-room entertainment (IRE) solution is powered by Monscierge’s Connect platform, and is architected as a single application providing beautiful and easy access to multiple travel tools for guests – all from their in-room television. Features include over-the-air and cable television, local recommendations, and highlights of property amenities. The Connect platform powers all of the Monscierge hotel technology suite; and Monscierge’s Apple TV for hospitality is the latest technology to help property owners and hosts provide a seamless and personalised guest journey with rich local experiences.

“Station B&B was the perfect site for us to launch our new in-room Apple TV experience,” Christy Doherty, VP Sales for Monscierge. “In addition to providing a means for international guests to consume native TV content this product also synchronises content from other aspects of the Monscierge platform already deployed at Station B&B which have improved operational efficiency and generated positive feedback and reviews from guests.”

Monscierge first deployed an integrated hotel tv application last year in RLH’s brand Hotel RL Baltimore and continues to exceed the expectations of a traditional in-room hotel experience. The technology opens doors to service through enhanced digital experiences for hotels such as: ordering from the hotel restaurant, streaming content, interacting with concierge services, and finding locally-curated recommendations.

Pairing a hotel app with an in-room entertainment solution is a win for both hotel staff and guests. It especially aides with regulating standards of service and keeping up with travellers’ expectations – which more frequently includes having the same (if not better) digital experiences as guests than what they can have from their own living room,” said Marcus Robinson, CEO, Monscierge.

He continues to say, “The short-term rental economy traveller will demand the same standards as a traditional hotel guest, if not more so. Since we started our company by first creating a robust platform strong enough to power a multitude of applications at once, Monscierge can, and will, continue to iterate and service hospitality’s needs; that includes hosts in the short-term rental sector.”

Station B&B’s approach of fusing Ireland’s 19th Century architecture with cutting edge, 21st Century technology made the town of Londonderry the ideal location for a global launch. The marrying of Ireland’s historical local tourism with the latest technology powering the in-room experience is a win for both host and guests. It is the latest project from hospitality entrepreneur Ursula Walsh, who recently won awards for outstanding service and was featured in the 2018 season of Daniel & Majella’s B&B Road Trip by Irish National broadcaster, RTE.

Walsh has carefully crafted an entire portfolio of technology partners and content providers to deliver consistent, high quality information and communications options to guests across all digital touchpoints. Including partnering with Monscierge, Station B&B also works closely with Eviivo, who has created an online booking app crafted to make overbookings, payment issues and tedious admin duties easier to manage for smaller and/or independent hospitality operators and owners.

“Our new project at Station B&B gave us a clean sheet to craft an experience with as many of the elements that really matter to today’s guests,” said Walsh. “The technology from Monscierge and Eviivo paired with the content from
Tourism NI
provide a seamless, high-quality experience for our travellers. Whether it’s planning, booking, or researching local activities, it’s important we present guests with trusted information and reliable communications options before, during and after their stay.”

Tourism NI’s mission is to build the value of tourism to the local economy in partnership with government and industry by actively building relationships with strategic partners. Tourism NI first teamed up with Monscierge in 2009 with the integration of Monscierge’s Recommendation Network, a system engineered to provide guests with authentic local recommendations from hotel staff.

To experience the stay first hand, book a reservation with Derry’s Station B&B here.

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