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Results from HD Expo Wellness Pavilion Keynote

LAS VEGAS—The first-ever HD Expo Wellness Pavilion kicked off in Las Vegas last week with a keynote session entitled, “Wellness Today.” The session was moderated by Stacy Shoemaker Rauen, Vice President, Hospitality Design Group, and Editor in Chief, Hospitality Design magazine. Featured speakers included Clodagh, Founder, Clodagh Design; Neil Jacobs, CEO, Six Senses Hotels and Resorts; Thomas Klein, President/COO, Canyon Ranch; and Jaloyn Fockler, Executive Vice President, Delos. The keynote was the first of eight wellness-focused sessions at HD Expo.

The format of Wellness Today was Q and A with Shoemaker Rauen posing the questions to the speakers. The following are some of the comments that stood out during the session:

Neil Jacobs: “Every [Six Senses] project is designed with a very strong wellness component. The world is saying this is how we want to live today.”

“Many of these things can be done very simply and inexpensively.”

“In the past two or three years we have been focused on urban destinations. We will be building Six Senses Place in New York City.”

“The spa is just one piece of wellness.”

“Sustainability and wellness are really the same thing.”

“People are really embracing that you can make a difference.”

Thomas Klein: “Canyon Ranch is opening its first wellness retreat in California this year.”

“The consumer today is getting inundated with wellness information. There is still some defining that needs to take place.”

“Our approach is science based.”

“How do you integrate the design experience with the physical and emotional experience.”

Clodagh: “People don’t want to live longer to be sick longer. Wellness is about mind, body, spirit.”

“Our job is to address all the senses. We want our design to trigger positive emotions.”

“Bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out is part of the job.”

“Wellness is not a destination. You are either well or you are not.”

Jaloyn Fockler: “Wellness is very much a worldwide phenomenon. Wellness means so many things to so many different people. Everybody has a right to wellness.”

Jaloyn Fockler

“Wellness is about the guest journey.”

“The MGM Grand has a Stay Well lounge.”

“In Japan, 43 percent of the population is over the age of 65.”

In regard to one piece of the Delos Stay Well Room package: “We look at the medical integrity of the bed.”

“We now have more than 1,000 Stay Well Rooms in Las Vegas.”

“We spend 90 percent of our time under artificial lighting.”

Wellness tourism is expected to be a $1 trillion market by 2023. Wellness overall is a $4.2 trillion global industry.

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