How Hotels Are Going On A Fitness Kick

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How Hotels Are Going On A Fitness Kick

External Article29 May 2019

Working out in a hotel is no longer a choice between a treadmill in a small gym, laps of the pool or a 7am yoga class.

With health and fitness an engrained part of modern living, a growing number of hotel chains are making it easier than ever to squeeze in a workout when away from home. So easy in fact, the equipment can be right next to the bed.

Hotel brands such as DoubleTree by Hilton offer guests Five Feet to Fitness rooms with exercise bikes and keep-fit stations, while Westin by Marriott and Even Hotels by Intercontinental are offering guests bedrooms with training equipment from weights and yoga mats to TRX straps.

“Waking up to the sight of kettlebells is the ultimate motivation for guests who may struggle to keep up their existing fitness plans while on the road,” says Geraldine Guichardo, head of Americas Hotels & Hospitality Research at JLL. “More and more hotel brands – aware of the growing consumer pursuit of health and wellness – are enhancing their offerings.”

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