Signal Mountain Lodge Launches Composting Partnership with Haderlie Farms

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Signal Mountain Lodge Launches Composting Partnership with Haderlie Farms

GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK, WYO.Signal Mountain Lodge—the only lodging on the shores of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park—launched a composting partnership with Haderlie Farms of Thayne, Wyoming, in 2018. Over the course of the 2018 summer season, the lodge’s Peaks Restaurant, Trapper Grill, Leek’s Pizzeria, General Store, front desk and staff dining room diverted 42 tons of food waste from the landfill.

Erik Kimball, Food and Beverage Director, Signal Mountain Lodge, provided Haderlie Farms with the list of vegetables and herbs he plans to feature on his menu for the 2019 season, which begins May 10. On the menu this spring will be a variety of greens, such as lettuce blends and spinach. As the season progresses, Kimball looks forward to receiving warmer-weather produce from Haderlie Farms, including tomatoes, kale and beets.

In addition to locally grown greens and other vegetables, Peaks Restaurant’s menu specializes in locally and sustainably sourced beef, pork, fish, dairy products and bakery-fresh bread. The restaurant also makes its signature finishing touches—such as house-made pickles, steak sauce and chipotle-apple jam—on site. Its full menu is available here.

“It’s so gratifying to implement a waste reduction program that has such an enriching benefit to our local community,” said Kimball. “We look forward to serving our guests from the bounty of produce which was grown in soil nourished by Signal Mountain Lodge’s composting program.”

Added Curtis Haderlie, owner of WyoFarm Composting and Haderlie Farms: “We create quality compost in large part from food scraps we collect from individuals and businesses in Teton County. This helps us grow nutritious food for our animals and for the customers who consume our food. Since we were already providing Signal Mountain with our food items, we were delighted when Erik and the team at Signal Mountain approached us about taking their food scraps. This nutrient cycling process is a win-win for everyone involved.”