Hilton Introduces New Benefit for Working Moms

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Hilton Introduces New Benefit for Working Moms
Credit: Milk Stork

MCLEAN, VA.—Hilton recently announced an industry-first partnership with Milk Stork. The collaboration will enable Hilton Team Members to easily ship or carry breast milk home to their babies while traveling for work. As part of a robust program of family-friendly benefits, the partnership underscores Hilton’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment for all, including working parents.

Beginning this month, all U.S. Hilton Team Members are able to access Milk Stork at no cost while on business travel in the United States—alleviating what can be a stressful component of navigating career and family.

“With this new partnership, Hilton is demonstrating its commitment to our working moms so they can both feed their babies and thrive in their careers,” said Katie Fallon, Global Head of Corporate Affairs at Hilton. “As a mother of three who just recently came back from maternity leave, Milk Stork is a game changer, allowing me to travel while meeting my breastfeeding goals.”

The benefit is just one of Hilton’s many programs for parents. Family-friendly benefits include parental leave, adoption assistance, extended bereavement leave, generous paid time off and exclusive travel discounts to allow families to spend more time making memories together. Benefits apply to all team members at both hotel level and corporate offices.

Hilton was recently recognized as the #1 Best Company to Work For in the U.S. and the #1 Best Workplace for Parents.