Dock to Dish Launches First Ever Tour Partnership in the U.S. with Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo

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Dock to Dish Launches First Ever Tour Partnership in the U.S. with Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo

KEY LARGO, FLA.—Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo, Curio Collection by Hilton is the first resort in the country to unveil a new Dock to Dish local seafood initiative. It launched last month. The program is part of the resort’s ongoing campaign to create unique and exhilarating guest experiences that blend sustainable practices into the property’s ethos of elegance. Nestled into the lush tropical fauna of Key Largo, Baker’s Cay Resort is part of Curio Collection by Hilton’s handpicked ensemble of remarkable and unique hotels.

“The Baker’s Cay team could not be prouder to stand with the passion of Sean Barrett and the entire team at Dock to Dish. Our aspiration is that this experience, a unique tribute to the fundamentals of conservation by lowering carbon emissions and strengthening community, brings exposure to the sustainability efforts in the Florida Keys and beyond,” said Joy Michelle Boyd, General Manager, Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo, Curio Collection by Hilton.

Reflective of the farm to table movement and hyperlocal agricultural philosophy that has gained widespread traction over the past decade, Dock to Dish programs are designed to reconnect diners with nearby small-scale fishing communities to enjoy the highest quality hyperlocal seafood in the most sustainable manner. Dock to Dish  programs exist in various ports around the world partnering with numerous Michelin star chefs. Their operations have been recognized by the United Nations Foundation as “breakthrough innovations” that are putting participants “on a path to healthy, valued and understood oceans.”

Guests Become the Fisher

“This is a first for all of us and truly marks a significant turning point for the future of sustainable seafood dining. For nearly a decade we have worked to reconnect diners to fishing communities around the world and made great progress, but the Baker’s Cay Dock to Dish program enables the actual guests to become the fisher which is something that the vast majority of American travelers have never experienced,” said Sean Barrett, Co-founder of Dock to Dish.

The new Dock to Dish program at Baker’s Cay Resort takes the historical format of engaging consumers directly with local fishing communities one big step further and invites resort guests to venture out with Captain Casey Scott of Sea Monkey Charters, an experienced fourth generation captain and Florida Keys native. Guests will navigate the surrounding ocean waters, with options to explore the deep water, backcountry or nighttime lobster netting, in pursuit of the most local and abundant catch of the day.

Pairing this rugged and wild outdoor fishing experience with the latest in fine dining, the catch is brought back to the resort and specially prepared by Executive Chef Andy Papson who guides guests through the cooking method used and incorporates fresh herbs picked from the rooftop garden to match their specific tastes. The package pricing starts at $750 for two people depending on the type of fishing excursion and number of guests.

“By manifesting the guests’ complete experience, beginning with threading the line, to picking the seasonings and rounding out the meal with the perfect wine pairing, we hope that it is the genesis for thoughts beyond their stay and into their daily lives,” said Boyd.

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