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Digital Inspo: W Hotels and Rent the Runway

Coming up with fresh and creative marketing initiatives is never an easy task. Hotels all over the world face fierce competition regardless of their location. Utilizing creative ideas to attract guests can help hotels stand out in the crowd and help them gain new and repeat visitors. Our article series, “DigitalInspo: What Creative HotelsAre Doing Online,” dives deep into recent original campaign ideas developed by hotel brands. This quarter, we look at W Hotels partnership with Rent the Runway to provide guests their very own “Closet Concierge.”


The Partnership

After booking a room with a participating W Hotels location, guests can choose four styles to rent from Rent the Runway’s Unlimited Closet for only $69. Then, when they get to the hotel, they’ll find those items waiting for them in their room. The service is launching at four select locations for now, but both companies are hoping to expand this model to other hotel properties in the coming years. Rent the Runway will also have closets at the four W Hotels locations, in case guests need different sizes or want to rent additional items.

Why It Matters

Guests are encouraged to “pack light, really light.”Leaving the stress of packing and carrying around luggage a thing of the past. They want to give guests the experience of showing up on vacation with the perfect clothing there waiting for them. The clothing takes into account the climate and activities of the destination, offering items that some people may not even own, like ski attire.

Rent the Runway has been at the forefront of the fashion rental industry, appealing to women who would rather rent out clothing on a monthly basis overstocking their closets with items they’ll only wear a handful of times. Many companies have started to follow this trend, such as Urban Outfitters and Banana Republic, who are both launching their own rental services. This partnership makes perfect sense because it encourages travelers to pack light and enhances their experience at the hotel and in the city.


While not every hotel can develop a partnership like this, there are key takeaways that all brands can emulate. First, look for partnerships that make traveling easier, like allowing guests to pack lighter or making transportation more convenient. Second, focus on enhancing the guest’s experience, whether you’re arranging exclusive activities or providing extra-special amenities. These types of initiatives will always be attractive to potential guests and help give your campaign the highest possible chance of success.


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