Hilton Grand Vacations Eliminates Plastic Straws

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Hilton Grand Vacations Eliminates Plastic Straws

ORLANDO, FLA.—Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. has fulfilled its commitment to eliminate single-use straws from its 34 branded properties as part of its continued effort to reduce its overall environmental footprint.

According to the EPA’s Trash-Free Waters Program, one-third to two-thirds of debris found on beaches comes from single-use, disposable plastic packaging from food and beverage-related goods (plastic cups, straws, bottles and utensils). Plastic straws are number five on the top 10 items found during beach cleanups. Of all trash, plastic trash has the greatest potential to harm the environment, wildlife and humans.

“As we expand our corporate social responsibility program, HGV Serves, we’re always looking for more ways to reduce our environmental impact,” said Mark Wang, President and CEO of Hilton Grand Vacations. “Eliminating plastic straws from our resorts is a small but impactful way to act as good stewards of the environment.”

In Alignment with Hilton’s Commitment

The company’s ban on plastic straws is in alignment with Hilton’s commitment to removing plastic straws from all its hotels globally.

In addition, HGV recently announced its partnership with Hilton and Clean the World to help expand their recycling efforts. Clean the World is a global health organization that recycles hygiene products from the hospitality industry.

“By combining efforts with Hilton brands, we are able to make an even greater impact on the environment and the communities we serve,” said Wang. “We’re committed to continuing our sustainability efforts at HGV resorts across the globe and enhancing our program in the coming years.”