Eight Cool & Captivating Hotel Lobby Decor Ideas That Scream Green

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Eight Cool & Captivating Hotel Lobby Decor Ideas That Scream Green

NATIONAL REPORT—Hoteliers know what it’s like to continually chase after the next big innovative idea for their property. Sometimes that could mean inviting local fitness instructors to teach classes in the hotel a few times a month or renovating for an on-site five-star restaurant.

It all depends on what guests want and when they want it. To learn more about their needs, hospitality professionals can look to current trends and reflect them on each property. Going green is one of the biggest lifestyle trends to date, with many people embracing sustainability as a moral code and not just an interior design preference.

Sway more guests to book rooms by showing that the property is committed to their ideals. Here are eight cool and captivating hotel lobby decor ideas that scream green. People will want to stay at your property because it helps them minimize their carbon footprint while they’re away from home.

1. Look for Recycled Wood

Wood is a standard building material that’s hard to get around. Stripping the planet of trees that regulate CO2 and oxygen production does more harm than good. If you wish to include wood in your hotel lobby, like in the flooring or walls, look for recycled options as a replacement to mass-produced materials.

Recycled wood comes from abandoned structures and undergoes a process to make it almost new again. When desks or other furniture made from this material appear in a hotel lobby, guests can recognize its age from the design. They will appreciate that the hotel didn’t harm trees for the sake of interior design.

2. Advertise Handmade Décor

Research the area around a property to discover local artists who run small businesses. Their artwork can grace the walls and shelves in place of pieces from massive factories. A small card next to the art explaining that it’s from a local business will catch the attention of anyone walking through the front area.

Supporting local artisans reduces the CO2 output caused during national or international shipping transportation. It also helps revive the economy and builds a community of professional support for the property.

3. Add Vintage Statements

Check out consignment shops for vintage lampstands, rugs and throw pillows. Buying upcycled decor is another way to keep waste out of landfills, which is a massive concern for those who want to make the Earth a better place to live. It’s also a major design trend right now, so the lobby will get a facelift while the property becomes eco-friendlier.

4. Use Bamboo Accent Pieces

People who are climate-conscious know that bamboo is one of the safest materials to use for interior design. If it’s not chemically processed, bamboo biodegrades naturally over time and helps deter pests. The stalk left behind will regrow more quickly than most other types of wood, so it’s easy to replenish.

5. Set up a Boxwood Backdrop

Some live plants require constant watering and chemical fertilizers that end up harming the planet. Hoteliers can still create an impressive lobby environment by setting up a boxwood backdrop. The faux leaves make it the perfect place for a photo-op all year and looks elegant when paired with a classy lobby. No one will ever have to water or maintain it, leaving the Earth with more water to spare.

6. Avoid Traditional Candles

Candles add a warm and welcoming ambiance to any hotel lobby, but they aren’t very green. The main ingredient in candles is paraffin, which comes from oil. Avoid requiring the use of oil to improve your lobby by switching to soy candles. They last just as long, don’t pollute the air with soot and the wax is biodegradable, so spills are easy to clean up.

7. Raise the Right Plants

Anyone interested in sustainability recognizes the need to clean the atmosphere. That means they’ll appreciate air-filtering plants, which are easy to grow. Depending on the plants chosen for lobby decor, they may need little water or sunlight. If they have room to grow, air-purifying plants are an easy way to catch guests’ attention with decor.

8. Check for Sustainable Brands

People who are the most dedicated to green living will know major sustainable brands. Conduct some research to discover leading brands that have sustainable products and show them off in the lobby area.