Check in, Help Out: Socially Conscious Hotels Give Back

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Check in, Help Out: Socially Conscious Hotels Give Back

INTERNATIONAL REPORT—Part of managing a hotel or string of properties involves listening to guests. When they give feedback, that data must result in real-life changes. At the same time, people don’t always fill out feedback surveys or give clear-cut opinions. Hoteliers also have to research and stay ahead of their needs.

In the past few years, travelers have become more attuned to how they can be sustainable. Even when they’re on vacation or traveling for business, people want to help the Earth and other people by staying with brands that give back. When management gets creative and partners with good causes, any hotel can get involved, too.

Read on to learn how socially conscious hotels give back, so their guests feel empowered when they check in. Whether hoteliers decide to join green organizations, give to their community, or make sustainable choices, it all makes a difference to future guests looking for a place to stay.

Omni Feeds America

When a guest scrolls through room options online, they’re thinking about what they’ll need to make their visit comfortable. What many hotels don’t realize is that they can also allow visitors to think of other’s needs as well.

Omni makes this happen with every reservation. When a guest books their room, the brand donates to Feeding America as part of Omni’s Say Goodnight to Hunger program. Since the partnership began in 2016, Omni has given over 18 million meals to people in need across the United States. When guests know they can participate, it empowers them to make a difference.

Atlantis Protects the Ocean

People travel to the Atlantis Nassau Paradise Island hotel in the Bahamas to get away to a tropical island resort. What they may not realize is that they help protect the ocean while they enjoy popular marine activities. The Atlantis Blue Project Foundation partnered with the hotel and gets funding from people who snorkel and scuba dive while they vacation. In total, it’s spent over $5 million on conservation efforts with nonprofits.

Sandos Puts Sustainability First

Many guests want to stay somewhere eco-friendly, which is why the Sandos Caracol resort brand made lots of changes to its business model. When it began construction on its eco resort in Mexico, it reduced 70 percent of its CO2 emissions by creating green guestrooms with sustainable lighting and products.

Materials can also play a significant role in transforming a hotel into one that gives back to the Earth. When updating the property, expanding or building a new location, choosing sustainable products makes the hotel eco-friendly and presents the opportunity for community involvement.

Options like Mondo flooring provide sustainable materials and donate funding to local schools. Anything that helps hoteliers get twice the value for their purchase will result in more success and guest bookings in the future, especially when they cover essential topics people hold close like sustainability and giving back.

Marriott Passes Out Points

Most hotel brands give guests loyalty points when they pay for an annual membership or reach a certain number of visits. Many of the points go unused for people who earn them but don’t travel often. Marriott found a purpose for these wasted points and now allows guests to donate them to any charity, assigning donation amounts for specific point values.

This direct action on the part of a guest allows them to help people in need and reinforces brand loyalty because they’ll want to do so again in the future.

Ace Hotel Helps the Arts

Some hotel brands assist local groups, like the Ace Hotel Chicago. From the day it opened, it partnered with three arts organizations in the heart of Chicago. As more guests made reservations, the brand donated money to aid disadvantaged youth by making art and literature more widely available. The Ace Hotel brand continues to form similar partnerships with other community organizations as new properties open.

Consider Local Opportunities

Every hotel looking to become socially conscious should consider local opportunities like charities or outreach programs. As guests begin to see the impact they can make when they book a room, they’ll be more likely to stick with the same brand long term.