Safety Is Now The Sexiest Word In Travel

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Safety Is Now The Sexiest Word In Travel

(CNN) — Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts collaborating with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. Montage International teaming with primary care provider One Medical. For French hospitality company Accor, the partner is insurance firm AXA, and with Hilton, it’s Lysol. And then there’s the new safety stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). The list seems to go on and on.

Welcome to a hotel stay reimagined in the wake of Covid-19. Forget three-Michelin-starred restaurants, a private rooftop suite with a butler or a five-star spa.

As properties around the world get ready to reopen following several months of closure due to the crisis, their marketing efforts are focused on making their guests feel safe and secure – luxury as disinfectant.Is a stamp from the WTTC, a high-profile partnership or a marketing campaign touting new safety measures the answer?

It may just be, according to some industry experts.